Friday, April 4, 2014

April 5, 2014

I've been off work for the past two weeks just waiting for the baby to make his/her appearance.  My doctor advised me to take what was supposed to be the week off before the baby was due - but here we are two weeks later JUST WAITING.  Zach took yesterday and today off because he said he just can't focus anymore.

We spent Wednesday night/yesterday together just wrapping up some last minute things we wanted to do before baby - you know, things like replace our down comforter with a summer quilt; fixing the doorknob on the nursery; unclogging the laundry tub drain; filling space bags full of comforters, pillows, and blankets and sucking the air out of them (SO FUN!); re-re-organizing all the diapers and the closets; building the rocking chair; napping; eating pizza; playing Dr. Mario.

We're ready.  Which is good.  Because unless baby decides in the next few hours that today should be his/her birthday, we are off to the hospital tomorrow where I will be induced into full blown labor.  Which means baby comes tomorrow.  April 5, 2014.

My doctor scheduled my induction for the 3AM-7AM time slot.  Which sounds awful.  And while I understand that babies will come when babies will come, SCHEDULING the baby to come at 3AM seems...un-American.  But the doctor said that doesn't really mean that's when it will be.  It essentially means I am on the list for one of the first inductions of the day.  If they are super busy delivering babies who aren't being quite as stubborn as Baby Milton, they may not call until noon.

My mom is sleeping over tonight just in case.  Whenever they call, we will go.  And that will be that.

And when we come home we will have a baby with us.  Which is pretty awesome and a little surreal considering I've been carrying this baby around for 41 weeks and finally I'll get to touch his/her little fingers.  And hear his/her voice.  And smell his/her head.  Which is the best smell in the world.

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Tale of Two Cats

Still no baby.

But I do have a good story about our cats to hold you over until this blog undeniably and unavoidably becomes a blog about babies.  Well probably just one baby in particular.  Because that will be my life here in a few days.  (Hours? COME ON, BABY.)

Anyway.  Cats.  Babies.  We know how to party around here, am I right?

We made appointments on Friday night to take the cats to the vet for the first time since we got them, you know just to make sure they were up to date on check-ups, shots, whatever.  We want to take Pockets to get groomed as soon as possible and she needed to have her shots.  We want to take Shawn too, but now is the best time as any to tell you that Shawn is never allowed to leave the house again.  Read on for details.

So Zach came home early so he could be in charge of rounding up the cats into their carriers.  Pockets wasn't happy, but she went in with little fight.  Shawn, on the other hand, had to be wrapped up in a Shawn-a-rito (picture Baby Jesus swaddled in a cat hair covered towel and pretty much forcibly SHOVED into his cat crate.

Then he immediately got out.  Twice.

By now, Zach is slinging every swear word possible and I am ear-muffing my belly.

So Zach finally figures out that his crate isn't latching right.  He fixes that and goes after Shawn one more time.  By this time I am in the upstairs bathroom and I hear silence for while, then what sounds like Shawn going into his cage, subsequently Shawn getting OUT of his cage, the pitter patter of little cat feet, then what sounds like Zach pounding a hammer on the floor, more swear words, and then I see Shawn (with his tail between his legs) crawling into the bathtub in the bathroom where I am.

So I call down to tell Zach that I have Shawn in the bathroom with the door closed whenever he is ready.  He doesn't answer right away but soon enough appears in the doorway.  And his jeans around his knee are wet.

I'm laughing, just a little, at this point.

Me - What happened?
Zach - Well, I got a hold of Shawn and as I was taking him through the kitchen to the basement to put him in his carrier, he unloaded the biggest pee all over the kitchen floor.
Me - What do you mean by "all over"?
Zach - I had him in my hands and I didn't realize he was peeing until I got to the top of the steps.  So I stopped there where he continued to unload for at least 30 seconds.
Me - No way he peed for 30 seconds.
Zach - And then when he was done, I shook him a little to get the drips off and took him to the basement to put him in the carrier.  But he got out again and as I was chasing him up the steps I slipped in his pee and fell on my knee.
Me - ...
Zach - I'm thinking we just take them to the vet's and just leave them there.

So we shut the bathroom door, got him in his carrier, and after 3 failed attempts made sure his cage was locked before opening the door to the bathroom, bleached the hell out of the kitchen floor, loaded the cats into the car, and took them to the vet where they both got a clean bill of health.  But not before the doctor made this comment about Shawn as she was feeling around in his belly:

"His bladder is COMPLETELY empty."

No shit.

So all weekend, I've nicknamed Shawn "Pee Boy" and Zach "Pee Pants".  Zach said I shouldn't call Shawn that because he is embarrassed and how would I feel if I was in the same place for two years, didn't speak English, and someone 20 times my size came at me with a towel and shoved me into a box.  He said I would probably pee my pants too.  Which I guess is probably accurate.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

31.5 hours

Literally only 31.5 hours stand between us and our baby's due date.  And I'm not scared at all.  I'm not nervous and I'm not worried.  I actually have quite a calm about me.

And I'm pretty sure it's because I've convinced myself it's just not going to happen.

We've literally spent the last nine months preparing for this baby - all the while watching my belly grow bigger.  We decorated a nursery.  We took a birthing class and a breastfeeding class.  We picked a pediatrician.  We acquired a million new baby "things" and built them.

And it's really just become a part of our lives.  We were able to ease into it because we had nine whole months to do "it".  To prepare.  To make room.  To fall in love.  Even though that took no time at all.

So it just seems so unreal that things are about to change so dramatically.  And even though we are so ready for it, it's just so hard to believe that it is almost to meet our baby.

The anticipation is unfathomable.  The excitement is incomprehensible.  There are truly no words.

We cannot wait to meet and get to know this baby.  To find out if our first born is a son or a daughter.  To shape our baby's soul.  To teach our baby EVERYTHING.  To learn about our baby's dreams.  To find out if the baby will be more like me or more like Zach or maybe the perfect mixture of us both.

We just can't wait.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Surprise Eve!

It's Surprise Eve, as I'd like to call it. 

None of these blogs are getting posted until we are on the road to DC in our new Mazda CX-5.  But it's all I can think about! I keep catching myself when I want to say things like "Aren't you excited for GUAPO'S?" or "Don't let me forget to get juice for our breakfast at Devin and Rachel's." or "No, I'm driving the new car!" Or "I was thinking on Sunday we could eat at Carlyle for brunch before we head home." 

Zach has thrown a wrench into my plans by deciding to work from home tomorrow but I'm still going to try my best to pack his suitcase and put it in the car without him knowing. That part may or may not happen. 

Also, DC and our entire route to DC is getting hammered with snow as we speak. But I'm sure it will be over and cleaned up by tomorrow lunchtime. RIGHT!?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

V-day 2014

So with Valentine's Day coming up this weekend, Zach and I talked and decided that we were going to keep it pretty low key.  We decided to just make steaks at home and maybe some kind of special dessert.  I mean, restaurants are overcrowded and the ones we would want to go to just jack up the prices because of the holiday.  So I made reservations for Meat & Potatoes next weekend and thought we'd just let this one pass without much more thought.

Then one afternoon I was feeling particularly frisky so I booked us a hotel room in Arlington for Valentine's Day weekend.  Oops.

All I told Zach was he should take a half day on Friday because I had a Valentine's Day surprise.  So he can't even guess because he has no idea it's an entire weekend surprise, not just an afternoon surprise.

Then Zach totaled his car last week and I went car shopping alone on Monday night, got preapproved to purchase a Mazda CX-5 without his salary/credit, and pretty much said "Hold this baby for me.  I'm coming to pick it up on Friday morning."  Then I told Zach that I would be going to work, but in reality I plan on going to pick up his dad and then we are having breakfast at Waffle House and then we are picking up the new car.  Then we will take it home and I will pack Zach's suitcase, load it in the new car, and tell him to get in because we are OUT.

So for a Valentine's Day where we decided not to overspend on dinner, I instead booked us a two-night stay at a hotel in Arlington AND bought us a new car.  Because that's just the kind of wife I am.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another one bites the dust.

Let me preface this blog by saying that EVERYONE IS OKAY.

Well except our beloved Mazda3.  It had a run-in with the concrete wall on the side of the Bigelow Boulevard on-ramp.

Zach and I both started out the day working from home.  I decided early that I was NOT going in, even if the roads got better.

Well, they did get better.  So I stayed in my pajamas, working from the comfort of my Ikea Poang chair.  Zach went to work.  

Well, half way to work.  Then he called me to tell me that he had been in an accident.  Just him, the car, and the concrete wall.  Apparently the roads were still icy. 

So he arranged the tow truck, called the police, and then called me.  He assured me he was okay, but the car was not drivable so he needed me (the pregnant girl who didn't plan on leaving the house because of the icy roads) to come get him.  Between the time he left our house and got in the accident, our power went out.  And I had no clue how to open our garage door without the handy-dandy button.  Luckily, I had help in the form of Zach's aunt and his dad via cell phone.

Zach also called to arrange for a rental car.  This excited me.  Who doesn't like to drive a new car?  

Well according to Zach, HE would be driving the rental, you know, because HE was the one in the accident so HE somehow DESERVED to drive the NEW RENTAL. 

Yeah, yeah.  Whatever.

Well we went to pick up the rental car tonight and as we were exiting the rental car company with the agent to inspect the rental car - the one Zach FORBADE me to drive - she turned to us and said (and I quote):

"Oh wait.  Farmers DID tell you that the only car we have left is a minivan, right?"

At which point, I broke out into hysterics as I watched Zach's jaw drop.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

On Staying Home.

I know action on this blog dropped off completely around April of last year, only to start picking up a bit at the beginning of this month.  And if you've followed it from the beginning of our move back to Pittsburgh you know that I've not had an easy time finding a job that I really liked and fit into well.  

Well I found that job.  I literally started it the week after I got pregnant in July, spending two weeks in Harrisburg training and not knowing yet that I was pregnant.  I've spent the last 7 months enjoying my job and working hard at it.  It was a new position in the Pittsburgh office and I really kind of worked it and made it my own.  I've gotten to know my coworkers and I like them.

During my 3 month review, my supervisor (knowing by now that I was pregnant) asked me if I planned on returning to my position after I had the baby.  I told her yes.

Zach and I came to the decision that, in an ideal world, I would work only part time after the baby came.  It was a conversation I put off having with my employer - mostly because I was 87% sure they would say (and I know) that the position I am in is a full-time one.  And that they would need someone there at least 40 hours a week.  

So finally after the New Year I called my supervisors in Harrisburg and explained my intentions.  That I know my position is full-time (I'm often there >40 hours a week - and sometimes working from home on the weekends), but I like my job and believe in the success of the company and was hoping perhaps we could work around a reduced schedule for me.  

It took them a little over a week to tell me the expected.  That they needed someone full-time, and in fact, will begin looking immediately for that person.  That they had hope that our company would grow (and I believe it will) enough that when I am ready to come back after 6 weeks of maternity leave, they would have a position for me.  But they could not make any promises.  That I hadn't been there a year yet - so my job wasn't protected by FMLA.  That they would want me to stay as long as possible - that they were extremely happy with my performance and would want me to train the new person.

There are a number of different ways I could feel about all of this.  But the reality is this:  Zach and I are over the moon excited to be welcoming our first child into the world this Spring.  We are fortunate enough that I don't *need* to work for our new family to be comfortable.  It's not always about money.  There is no place I'd rather be than with my new baby - which is exactly where I am going to be.  At the same time, I don't want to not be working at all, but I completely understand their decision.  And if it comes down to being away from home and our baby 40+ hours a week or never being away, I easily take the latter.