Monday, November 21, 2011

The Big Vanity Reveal

So as I said in my last blog, the girls did a-lotta cookin' on Saturday in preparation for the Milton-Style Thanksgiving dinner, the boys were workin' hard in the bathroom.

Let me start with my inspiration. I'm not ashamed to admit my *ahem*, LOVE, for Young House Love. These two kids never cease to get me excited about some new project, from our Love Photo Wall to repurposing old furniture to what I am about to share with you.

I was VERY inspired by two of their posts and combined them into one big huge idea for the vanity outside of our bathroom. Here are the two posts:

Attack of the 13-Foot Counter and Tackling the Bathroom: Chapter 7. My mouth watered.

Zach and I even checked out those exact nightstands-turned-vanities YHL used in their bathroom in New York City at a Crate and Barrel before determining that they were too short for us.

But we already had a perfect sized vanity that I already redid. But we wanted double sinks. And a double sink in the goofy-ass size of our vanity didn't exist. Enter Young House Love. And some convincing.

We built a counter top. Using the same guidelines YHL did.

I was in charge of sanding and staining. Zach was in charge of everything else. Before it was even built, without doing much of my own research whatsoever, I just went ahead and bought two of the sinks YHL talks about in their Tackling the Bathroom: Chapter 7. I seriously have no patience for things like that. I mean, they did the research and it looks great, why even bother to measure? Seriously.

Anyway, the sinks are Kraus and came from Amazon (free shipping with Amazon Prime, what! what!) and the faucets came from Overstock.

Then I repainted the walls in the vanity area with semi-gloss because it gets wet a lot. And therefore gross.

Then, this past weekend, two of my favorite men installed everything, to also include flooring to match what's in the bathroom.

And can I just say, this is my new favorite room in the house.

Way before, just in case you missed it:

Then after I spashed on a new coat of paint back in May:

And now... for your viewing pleasure...

Our new vanity area!

And another:

And another:


We love it so much we could cry. All we still need to do is add a stained piece of wood along the bottom of the vanity to cover up some yucky stuff and replace the light fixture. Because it is ugly.

But really, I love this. It is my new favorite thing in our house. And instead of blowing thousands getting a new vanity (and let's be honest, it wouldn't be as cool as this one anyway!) the whole budget is roughly as follows:
  • $50 per faucet ($100 total)
  • $100 per sink ($200 total)
  • $40 for the wood, stain, and sealer
  • $40 per mirror ($80 total)
  • $30 for the rug
  • $100 for the flooring
  • $10 for a new towel ring
  • $80 for all of the plumbing (of which we have a few things to take back! - BONUS!)
So there you have it. For about $600 (and, um, a few labor hours) we have this. Totally. Freaking. Worth. Every. Penny.

Any home improvement projects going on at your house? I think I have an addiction to them.

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